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Gal is a composer, producer, performing and recording musician.


Born in the UK, raised in Israel, citizen of the world; Gal has been immersed in an abundance of musical genres, art forms and cultural influences. Her unique approach to music brings a fresh outlook and new depths to every project.


Gal studied at the School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem and at the Muzik School of Creation and Production in Tel Aviv, where she explored the connection between music and visual art disciplines. She possesses the talent to create enchanting melodies that are wild and beautiful.


Among her works you can find music for a series of video arts by Mirek Kaczmareck (Poland), music for video dance and flamenco performance by Michal Bratt (Israel), soundtrack creation for INGEST (a Canadian- Israeli production), music production of Jack&Juicy (Berlin), MZ SUNDAY LUV (Berlin), Eduardo Canaverez (Brazil), Playing bass and touring with Ouzo Bazooka and Shakatak, musical collaborations with the poets Abby Dixon & Neta Weiner and many more.


With extensive multidisciplinary experience and the broad vision of a high-end music producer, Gal brings forth a meticulously sharp ear for the world of film and media music.



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